CIMSOB: The Complete Internal Management System Of Business

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Features Section Overview

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Built-in CIMSOB controls for any process requirement

  • CIMSOB provides easier and more effective complete built-in control management capabilities for any regulatory and internal business operation process.

  • CIMSOB provides complete risk and regulatory level control management capabilities:

  • Documentation, automation and management of all risk, compliance and control processes, rules based routing, segregation of duties, security authorization, automated testing/auditing, certifications, evidence tracking, issues management and reporting for both regulatory requirements AND to ensure CIMSBO of any general business operation process.

  • Unlike other solutions, CIMSOB’s solution can be used to automate any existing or custom manual controls to utilize and integrate what you have today with what you need in the future. The result ensures that BOTH business processes and regulatory processes are adhered to with complete management oversight, accountability and audit-ability.

Roles Driven Interfaces to Enable Every User

  • Implementer fill-in forms/tables and visual workflow diagrams - Simple fill-in forms/tables, and point-and-click selections make it easier and less costly. Integrated pull-down menu selections are forms driven and customizable. Workflows can be visualized in easy to understand diagrams to view relationships and processes.

  • Executive real-time Dashboard provides real-time visibility, filtered views of control types, and easy drill-down access to detail at any level.

  • CIMSOB Bifurcation/Audit consolidated controls management interface for immediate access to all accounts, procedures, risks/concerns and control types accessible on a single page in a hierarchical or category view with complete drill down to any level.

  • Any user on-demand one click reporting - On-demand one click reporting with built in reports to cover most reporting requirements and customizability to fit your specific needs.

Individualized Task Routing

  • Control activities (as individual tasks) are pushed down into the business unit and integrated into the business process.

  • End user is delivered everything they need to do the task and nothing more.

  • Tasks are handled via email with secure links to task forms - no logging into a complex system.

  • End user experience: Training is reduced, user acceptance is increased, value is added.

  • End users have simple interface to administer their own tasks (out of office, etc.), reducing the administrative load on the audit team.

Real-time Dashboard with Continuous Monitoring

  • Real-time continuous monitoring.

  • Single page consolidated real-time visibility of key management information .

  • Customizable drop down filter selections for different view of control status.

  • One click drill down access to control level detail.

  • One click access to forms for more comprehensive status and change management.

Easier Implementation with Forms and Table driven interface

  • Administrative fill-in-forms for company configuration of control parameters.

  • Simple fill in forms and tables for control definitions, procedures and documentation linkage – no programming!

  • Company defined pull down menu selections eliminate costly and error prone hand entry.

  • Customizable workflow templates of CIMSOB process to start quickly.

  • Easy to understand workflow to plan process logic.

Easier management with consolidated view of internal controls

  • Access control information, including accounts, processes, controls, assertions and documents are consolidated into a single relational view.

  • Can be managed in an easy to navigate hierarchical and category relational format.

  • Easy, one click drill down all the way to the forms level.

  • Accounts, procedures, concerns and controls.

Basic control automation

  • Predefined and customizable workflow templates for Control processes.

  • Flexible and scalable Control process.

  • Easy point and click control for monitoring, testing, certifications, audits, and reporting.

  • Segregation of Duties for authority, responsibility, and authorized change management.

  • Secure document storage and distribution with automated links to control procedures.

  • Documents maintained via workflow for routing, version control and accountability.

  • Signature image certification can be included in control for certification.

Optimized control automation

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of controls can be specifically created for greater responsiveness and flexibility.

  • Can specify who gets what information for a process so that only relevant information is routed to individuals to reduce confusion and more effectively enable actions.

  • Automated preventive controls can be defined to identify issues pre and/or during transaction to “prevent problems” therefore reducing risk and costs.

  • Issues management can be completely automated and integrated with processes, people, and certified resolutions to reduce cost and time of manual issue management.

  • Issues management is integrated with reporting for faster and more complete disclosure.

  • Automation and events can be business rules driven for better integration with business process and more effective automation of risk management.

  • Integrated authorization security for responsibility identification, certification, and change management.

  • One-button real-time report generation.

  • Real-time management oversight to increase responsiveness and provide early warning indicators.

Control assertion certification

  • Every control decision, approval, test point and other control certifications are automatically recorded for full complete tracking and better audit-ability.

  • All Control activities at all level can be certified and viewable.

  • All control activities can be automated for assertion certification.

On-demand testing/audit management

  • Forms can be specifically designated as a Testing or Audit type to enable easier viewing of overall status.

  • Easy point and click scheduling of automated testing and audits with full tracking and reporting to verify and maintain security integrity.

  • One button on-demand triggering of testing and audit can be performed at any time with full tracking and reporting for spot checks and requested checking.

  • Flexible reporting of consolidate results and evidence including exception report if out of range for user set “tolerances.”

  • Audit data can be compared against data from other systems for validation.

  • Easily accommodate all levels of audit requirements including internal corporate audits, departmental audits and external audits.

Integrated Documentation Management

  • All business processes, control processes and relational control information is automatically documented and managed.

  • Document Control Procedures allow automation of the update and approval of control documentation.

  • Documents can be stored and integrated with your existing documentation management system.

On-Demand and Automated Reports

  • Real time dashboard with user designed selectable filters for different views of the data and one-click drill down.

  • One button on-demand automated reports and distribution covering the reporting requirements for more effective risk and compliance management.

  • Scheduled automated reports and distribution for management analysis.

  • Automated reports for testing, auditing, control evidence and control results for issue and risk management.

  • Easily export data to third party analytical tools such as Word, Excel, mdb or Zip formats to mail, view or print.

Integrated Business Process Workflow

  • Can be extended to include current business processes as an integrated management system greater efficiency, greater control and easier change management.

  • Can be extended and scaled across the enterprise.

  • Complete integration possible across all processes, documents, applications and people unlike component or single point solutions.

  • Greatly simplifies the process, and it can be integrated across the enterprise as part.

  • Business process automation modeling tool available for customized process development.

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