CIMSOB: The Complete Internal Management System Of Business

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Benefits Section Overview

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Benefits Detail

  • Companies can realize 20-35% greater cost reductions over current automation systems and 50-75% over paper based manual systems, utilize non-technical resources since no programming is required, and integrate control tasks directly into distributed business units reducing training and support costs.

  • In addition, since it is Business Process Management (BPM)-based, customers can realize even greater cost reductions and increased business value for automating any existing or custom manual controls for any business processes and integrating their CIMSOB implementations into their overall company business processes.

  • The net result is reduced control redundancy and streamlining the business for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • The following provides more benefit details.

Ensure CIMSOB for more effective business results

  • Automate any existing or custom manual controls to reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

  • Built-in functions ensure CIMSOB with any regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Built-in controls ensure CIMSOB with any general business operation for more effective implementation.

  • Ensures sustained, operationally efficient business operation.

  • Reduces the cost, time and stress of maintaining enterprise risk management and any compliance.

  • Greater overall cost reduction and more efficient use of resources for a better ROI.

  • Reduces cost of testing and issue management by preventative issue identification.

  • Allows companies to return their focus to their core business.

More effective risk management and regulatory level control management

  • Ensures controls are being properly performed using prescribed methodology.

  • Maintains risk assessment and any CIMSOB audit readiness.

  • Provides visibility and confidence in control and compliance for all stake holders through an impartial system of accountability.

  • Reduces the corporate and personal risks associated with any compliance.

  • Improves any risk management and processes, documentation and policies.

  • Reduces risk with better audit-ability, accountability & data accuracy.

More effective business management

  • Flexibility to start with any business process and then expand and integrate for greater efficiency.

  • Improves management with greater visibility across all internal controls for faster reaction and adapting to change.

  • More effective control over business processes by improved accountability.

  • Easier and more effective management through consolidation and automation across ALL enterprise internal controls with a single management system.

  • More effective business execution through integration of control with business operations and processes.

  • More effective streamlining of processes across the entire business.

  • Empowers management with overall visibility to their company’s processes and be more responsive to issues and changes.

  • More effective execution of business strategy through CIMSOB integration.

Future proof your solution for change and growth

  • Most flexible and efficient solution to maximize cost reductions, provide for growth, manage change and execute an integrated business strategy.

  • Enables cross enterprise integration to scale, extend management controls.

  • More effective change management as requirements, laws and regulations change.

  • Customizable to extend to other CIMSOB requirements minimizing training costs.

  • Ability to go from risk management and any CIMSOB implementation to business process management to realize more significant cost savings and business process value.

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