CIMSOB: The Complete Internal Management System Of Business

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Compete Internal Management System Of Business (CIMSOB)

The Compete Internal Management System Of Business (CIMSOB) is a single solution for automating any process PLUS any existing or custom manual controls for any financial or business operation.

Main Features:

1. Easy to use.

2. Errorless performance.

3. Auto fills up support to minimize the steps.

4. Simple solutions for complicated calculations.

5. Unique formats to solve huge works in a single step.

6. Multiple accounting with single entry only.

7. Completely inbuilt automatic calculations as per company requirements.

8. Fully supported with MS Excel and Word 2007.

9. Multiple branch handling without network dependency.

10. The modification of CIMSOB is completely based on individual company requirements.

CIMSOB provides complete risk and regulatory level control management capabilities for both regulatory requirements AND to ensure compliance of any general financial or business operation process.

The net result is not only reduced costs and greater efficiencies, but more effective decision making because you can be assured that your company is adhering to the processes put in place.

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